Monday, December 2, 2013

Had a great fall...

I will be sporting a sling for at least another 3 weeks after a not-so-great fall last Sunday. I fell down our very steep wooden stairs onto the wood floor because my pj pants are too long and I slipped on them. Thinking I was just battered and bruised I used a lot of ice and was in a lot of pain on Sunday. Monday morning I felt even worse, specifically my left shoulder and into my neck, so I went to Urgent Care. It turns out that yes, I am battered and bruised, but I also have a separated shoulder and a fractured collarbone. Apparently it is just a hurry up and wait healing process. I can say for certain I feel no better this week than last. I follow up with my doctor tomorrow and am interested to hear his take on the situation.

We walked together.

As many of you know, in November our family, along with some friends, participated in the Walk for Wishes. The Walk benefits the Make a Wish Foundation and helps grant Wishes to children in Western and Central NC. Owen is a Wish Kid (we went to Disney World in October, 2011) and this year he wished to help grant another child's Wish. I am proud to say that with the generous donations of friends and family, Team Super O raised enough money to grant half of a Wish with the average Wish costing $6,000. Not bad! Our team was also the 3rd highest family for fundraising out of 86 teams. I cried, which is not surprising. Owen got a cool Dr. Suess-like hat. (Photos to follow soon.) Overall the event raised enough money to grant 13 Wishes, which is wonderful! 

Like last year, a Wish was granted at the Walk. A little girl wished to meet Rapunzel and her family is going to Disney World. She looked to be about 3 years old. They told us the type of cancer. I can't spell the name. Wait, yes I can. Horrible. This is why I walk, why I love Make a Wish.

We will continue to walk together.