Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Year Well Visit

Owen had his two year well visit a few weeks ago. It was a bit late for two reasons: 1.) He had several follow-up appointments with specialists. Since these doctors are much harder to schedule appointments with, I had to wait until those appointments were set in stone before I could schedule an appointment with the pediatrician. 2.) We decided to finally bite the bullet and switch pediatricians for the kids. While I liked our old office, I had some trouble with the doctor that they saw most often taking me seriously regarding some issues with Owen's health. It just isn't right to have to push so hard for what your child needs or argue with the doctor. I always got my way in the end, there was just a lot of unnecessary back and forth discussion. We were pushed to finally make the decision when the original doctor left the practice. We are now seeing a friend from church and I am extremely happy with the switch. He and his wife are both doctors in the same practice. He will be the boys' main doctor, but I can always schedule and appointment with his wife if he is booked and one of the kids is sick.

Owen's appointment went very well. Dr. Bill was extremely through and although he knew quite a bit about Owen's history, he made sure to understand the whole story. One thing that was worrisome was that he heard a heart murmur. It is called Still's murmur, a benign murmur that is heard during a few different stages of development due to growth of the heart. One of the ages is 2. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about, especially since Owen had and echo back when he was in the PICU as they were trying to come up with his diagnoses.

Owen was in about the 65th percentile for height and between 40 and 45% for weight. He is doing phenomenally developmentally and Dr. Bill was very impressed. He wants to see him again in 3 months instead of at the normal 3 year well visit just so that he can keep up with him and make sure everything is going well. This is mostly because he is becoming his caregiver late in the game.

We love you Dr. Bill!