Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Week Later

You may know (either because you have met them, or because I have talked about them or written about them here) that until last week, we had three dogs. We are dog people. A week ago today we had to say goodbye to our shih tzu, Stella. We were lucky in that her breeder agreed to take her and work toward finding her a good home. I am still so sad, but it was the right decision. Within one week she bit both boys. Now being such a small dog it isn't like she could maul them, but when she bit Carter she almost broke the skin. It was not fair to have the boys getting bitten, being worried about it and telling me "Stella is mean. I want her to live somewhere else." We made the right decision, but it is so hard because she wasn't a bad dog and it is so strange no having her here. It does help knowing that she is in a good home. We are back to being a two dog family. We have Maggie, a sweet and loving Golden Retriever who will be nine later this year; and Brock who is a little over two. Brock is an English Bulldog, and just the most gentle loving dog. The phrase "big dumb animal" applies pretty well to him. He just lays around lazily most of the day. He does really enjoy being loved. For example he doesn't realize how big he is and will sit on our laps any chance he gets.

I feel lucky to have my other two fur babies as I come to terms with the decision we had to make to say goodbye to Stella.