Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Boy #2

Owen is growin'! My little man turned 4 on August 27. Here are a few pictures from his birthday with the 4 of us at home.

 Opening presents.
 Loves his sock monkey
 Meatloaf and asparagus by request.
A very large Bumble Bee cupcake
The Saturday of Labor Day weekend Owen had his birthday party with our extended family. He was a very happy Birthday Boy.

Owen also started Pre-K. I can't believe he has gotten so big. He is at a different school than he went to last year. He is loving it and so am I. Oddly, although he didn't cry once last year, he cried for about 5 minutes at drop-off Tuesday-Thursday. Friday he was find. It was especially strange because after school he could not tell me enough how much fun he had and how much he liked his teachers. I love them too! Now he has settled in and I know he is going to have a great year. We are so proud of him!

Big Boy #1

Both of my boys have had a lot of very big kid things going on in the past couple of weeks. I am so proud of both of them. Of course they each deserve their own post.

On April 27 Carter started first grade. He has really like it so far, and I sincerely hope that continues. We are all still getting used to the new routine. Especially since his bus comes around 6:25 am. Way too early for the elementary kids as far as I'm concerned. No picnic for Mom and Dad either. Carter has been absolutely exhausted at the end of each week, and he is asleep shortly after his head hits the pillow at 7:30.

Here is a few of the many pictures of him from his first day:

Tomorrow is Skills Day for Fall Baseball. Soon Carter will find out what team he will be on and begin practicing. He will have one practice on a weeknight and one practice on Sunday afternoons. He will play one game on a different weeknight. We are looking forward to watching him play and continue to learn the game. He is very excited also.

Carter will also be joining Cub Scouts also as a Tiger Club. Wes was a Boy Scout, and was only 3 service hours from becoming a Lifetime Scout when he moved to Pennsylvania and decided not to continue. Wes is especially looking forward to spending time with Carter in Scouts. Two of his best friends from his class last year, that he still plays with at recess etc. will be in his den. We hope he has a ton of fun, and also look forward to him learning the values instilled by the Scouts. It is going to be great for him.

Finally, Carter will start receiving nightly homework starting on Monday. As happy as we are to see Carter growing and thriving, we also know that we are about to become insanely busy. Of course this is what parents do and we certainly know that we are not the first to hit this stage, and will surely get used to our new role as chauffeurs in due time.