Monday, June 23, 2014

Another break

On May 15 Owen had the plate removed from his femur. He was in a brace and using his walker. On May 20 he took a misstep at school and broke his femur again. I got a call from the school and rushed to get there. He was laying on a bench crying with his leg at an angle such that I had little doubt that it was broken. I took him to urgent care for an X-ray to confirm my fear. Sure enough, his femur had broken right at one of the screw holes from the plate. I called the orthopedist and we headed to meet her at her office. That night he had emergency surgery to place two flexible nails inside of his femur. He is also in a half spica cast, which will be removed on Friday. We are really counting on those nails! He will also be going back into his brace. 

As always, he has been such a trooper. He never complains. He can't walk, play, swim etc. It is hot here in NC and surely even hotter in a spica cast. Still, he is taking it all so well. I am so in awe of his bravery and am so proud of him.

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